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Home facial massage techniques offered in the ‘ForYou’ app will gently and delicately tighten face oval, cheeks & cheekbones. Skincare performed without medical intervention will help to get rid of jowls & oedema, wrinkles on the forehead & nasolabial folds. You can download the ‘forYou’ app designed for the best skincare and facial exercises completely free of charge. Practice face-building for 2-3 weeks 10 minutes a day and you will recognise significant positive changes on your skin. It will become softer & more elastic, able to resist new wrinkles.

Face-Yoga & self-massage using your own hands without an electric massager can replace expensive cosmetic procedures like lymphatic drainage and lifting. Ultimately facial gymnastics helps to avoid spending vast amounts of money on plastic surgery and painful injections. Apply facial acupressure and pinch massage to get rid of forehead wrinkles and sagging skin. Additionally face-building helps to restore natural skin complexion.

Lifting facial massage is a mandatory procedure for people aged over 30. With age skin loses its elasticity & is unable to recover conditions as quickly as young skin. Our application shows you how to carry out facial care massages & and teaches special techniques how to perform skincare exercises yourself. Perform Face Gymnastics with forYou for 15-20 minutes a day to effectively increase skin elasticity and immediately improve skin tone. Home facial massage technique we offer is suitable for men and women of any age. We have only selected safe & effective facial exercises that can help to achieve a sustainable positive result if you do it regularly.

ForYou will help to master facial massage on the go & will organically fit face building in your tight schedule. Using the methods of manual facial massage offered by us you can achieve smoothness and elasticity of the skin, a clear line of cheekbones and chin & a beautiful young skin tone.

Face-Yoga is the best way to get rid of puffiness & wrinkles. You can download forYou to start facial acupressure practice right now.

Facial massage can be mastered at home with the help of our application in a few simple steps. To get started - download forYou, select facial massage treatment that suits you & learn the techniques. Face Gymnastics techniques are presented in the form of a classic, pinching & plastic complex - implemented Augmented Reality (AR) technology will direct you how to perform these techniques.

Acupressure, classic & pinch facial massage can be performed on dry or moist skin. The app will indicate whether your skin requires oil or cream for the treatment in the description of the complex. Particularly for classic & acupressure facial massage skin needs to be pre-moisturized. Carefully read the recommendations & instructions provided in the application to avoid damaging your delicate skin.

ForYou provides training on how to master classic facial exercises at home. It takes about 15 minutes to perform the massage treatment. Face-yoga will save your skin from wrinkles and jowls. It will allow you to build the perfect outline of chin & cheekbones. Pinching facial massage performed according to Augmented Reality technique lasts for 10 minutes. Face-building helps to lift the corners of the lips, smooth out the nasolabial folds & tighten the cheeks. Plastic facial massage takes approximately 8 minutes. Same as for the pinched massage technique you can do it without pre-moisturising the skin.

All facial treatments & exercises recommended by professional forYou cosmetologists are available directly in the app. You can share treatments via social networks or instant messengers to get additional options. Start your facial treatment today & your skin will be blessed!