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Order at Starbucks like a pro with secret drink recipes & menu for Starbucks.
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The Ultimate Secret Menu for Starbucks! New drink recipes for are added every week!

Forget simple drinks like a cappuccino or latte! Walk into a Starbucks cafe and order something unique! With the secret menu for Starbucks, you will find 200+ Barista curated coffee and tea recipes that are tried and tested by other Starbucks lovers & fans. Reward yourself with a special drink by downloading the best secret menu for Starbucks app.

We have drink recipes for every Starbucks fan - from current Pop Culture drinks like the ‘Baby Yoda Frappuccino’ to new takes on favorites like the ‘TikTok Pink Drink’ to healthy choices like the ‘Healthy Passion’. Try one drink recipe for yourself on your next trip to Starbucks. It's a secret menu, so you will most likely have the most unique drink in the cafe.

Unique Features:

We only use up-to-date recipes - no stale old content that has been sitting out there for years, with ingredients that don’t exist anymore. How do you know? Because we order each Secret Starbucks drink recipe and try it before taking our own photos and adding it to our App! Also, all of our drink recipes are reviewed and curated by real baristas who ensure that the recipes are going to taste great and are easy to order.

You want your Secret Drink Tall, Grande, or Venti? No problem! The recipe instantly adapts to the size you select directly at the recipe. That’s how we guarantee that you can always enjoy your secret drink from the menu no matter which size you prefer. With all the amazing drink recipes to try out, you will enjoy increasing your visits to Starbucks and also boost your Starbucks rewards! This secret menu for Starbucks will make your coffee break more enjoyable. ;)

Simply add drinks from the secret menu to your personal "favorite list" to have all drinks you need in one place. With one tap you make sure that you will never forget your drinks or waste time searching for them again when ordering at Starbucks. Start curating your own featured list like thousands already have. Make your coffee break special!

Our drink recipe app is smaller than the other Secret Menu apps available. Of course we still give you access to hundreds of dynamic secret drink recipes that always include Photos and Ratings.

Our community is filled with baristas, Starbucks fans, coffee lovers, and people who are intuitively creative with making amazing drink recipes. They are a key part of the experience - we know they are true Starbucks fans. Whether submitting new drink recipes, connecting on our social media platforms, or creating new video content - we value your input. If there’s a way we can make the app better, we’d love to hear from you!

EASY IN-APP Experience:
Unlike some other apps out there, our app is built to provide an amazing user experience, with well-designed navigation, categorization and search, a sleek modern interface, and quality original photography. The Best Secret Menu for Starbucks!

Built by fans, for fans - this mobile app provides an easy and convenient interface to view user-submitted drink ideas from the global Starbucks community. While we extensively curate the content and do our best to maintain the accuracy of the recipes, some ingredients may no longer be available and therefore some recipes may not be available. PRO subscription does not guarantee 100% accuracy and availability of all recipes.

We do not represent or are associated in any way with the Starbucks Corporation. Starbucks Coffee Company, Starbucks, the Starbucks logo, and other Starbucks trademarks, service marks, graphics, and logos used in connection with the app are trade names, trademarks or registered trademarks of Starbucks Corporation.

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