BadaBusiness One App

BadaBusienss One App - One Stop Solution for Partners
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BadaBusiness One App - One Stop Solution for Partners

Bada Business One App is an initiative by Dr Vivek Bindra. Dr Vivek Bindra is an internationally recognised motivational speaker and an award winning business coach. Dr Vivek Bindra's video channel on YouTube is the world's most subscribed channel on entrepreneurship and business. It has 13.7 Million subscribers and 80 crore+ viewership.

Built in partnership with Partners to bring you the tools you need to succeed.

One App Allows our Partners to sell anytime and from anywhere. It is a samrt way to Manage your Sales Invoices and leads.

Key Features

• Monthly Dashboard - to Know your Monthly Performance
• Manage Your Leads and Sales
• Manage Your Invoices and Commissions
• Raise Complaint
• Interactive Video to learn on Daily Basis
• Live Q&A Session - Bada Test
• WhiteLabel Calculator
• Digital Dukan