Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes & Ingredient Library

Delicious cocktail recipes you can make with ingredients you already have.
4.5 / 5
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Finally — an app that shows you all the tasty drinks you can make from the stuff you've got.

Cocktail Party is sexy, simple, and chock-full of balanced, delicious cocktails anyone can make at home.

Check off ingredients you have, and Cocktail Party will show you all the drinks you can make right now. It’s that easy - no shopping trip required!

Cocktail Party is jam-packed with the best recipes – everything from hundred-year-old classics to modern masterpieces from up-and-coming new mixologists.

Have brandy but not cognac? Rye, but no bourbon? Cocktail Party is smart enough to use appropriate substitutions from the ingredients you already have.

Cocktail Party works wherever you are. Choose from imperial or metric measurements, and search for ingredients by their regional names. We’re constantly adding new drinks and ingredients from all over the world.

What you won’t find in Cocktail Party:

- No sour mix!
- No obnoxiously-specific B®and-Name™ Re©ipes.
- None of those fancy-pants drinks that can't be made without esoteric ingredients like rhubarb mist or thousand-year old tea leaves.
- Did we mention no ads? No pushy popups, either.
- No in-app purchases - you buy it once, you get updates and new drinks forever.