TTS Text Viewer

text viewer app. Support TTS
5.0 / 5
  • 6.5.2
  • Android 5.0+
  • Everyone
  • 10000

This is a text viewer application optimized for TTS.

It can be used on various mobile devices and can be viewed continuously between devices.

Plays TTS seamlessly in the background. It does not overlap with TTS when making a phone call, listening to music, or navigation voice guidance.

It has a built-in function to convert image, epub, and PDF document files to text documents.

Support tts filter function.

Supports detailed TTS settings.
The TTS speed is supported up to 5 times, and it can be set to read 1 to 10 lines instead of reading one line at a time. Bluetooth earphone users can solve the disconnection when reading short words.

You can synchronize the reading position on various devices through Google Drive linkage.

Supported features:

- Play background TTS
- TTS filter function (provides dozens of basic filters for general users to use easily)
- TTS section repeat function
- TTS timer function
- Ability to read multiple lines at once
- TTS pause function during navigation voice or phone call
- Ability to scroll through TTS while playing and view the contents in front and back.

- Text editing
- Text batch editing
- Ability to combine multiple text files into one.
- Newline cleanup function for files with strange newlines
- OCR (Image Text Extraction)
- Real-time OCR (extract text in real time using camera)
- Dozens of batch editing patterns provided for easy batch editing after OCR processing.
- Extract EPUB text
- Extract PDF text
- Convert to EPUB image
- Convert to PDF image

UI function
- Light and dark theme support.
- Black theme support to minimize burn-in
- 108 free fonts
- 799 foreign free fonts
- 65 background images
- Scroll speed function (reduce finger fatigue by scrolling a lot even if you scroll a little)
- Multiple setting functions such as font size, color, and spacing
- Highlight, bookmark display color setting function.
- Margin setting function
- screen orientation setting function
- Two-page view function (Pad / Tablet)

special function
- Bookmark function
- Location backup/recovery function using Google Drive.
- Settings, history, filter backup recovery function using Google Drive.
- File upload/download function using Google Drive.
- Support touch area shortening function setting
- External device (pen, Bluetooth controller) button setting function
- History interlocking function (even if the file name is different, you can continue viewing the file you have been viewing)
- Memo function
- You can add files by linking with several cloud apps.
- Filter/batch edit report function (You can use it when you want to share the filter you created with others. This part will be added after review by the developer.)
- Operate a chat room for various communication such as reporting bugs/adding features