Lunar Romance

My colorful romance fantasy begins when I suddenly become a god
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◆ Synopsis ◆

"So you are the mortal girl who gained the power of a god."

Previously an ordinary office worker, "I" suddenly gain the power of a god on the way home from work.
Though I have no interest in things like gods, and would rather live a quiet life as an office worker...
4 dangerous and handsome men keep coming after me.

◆ Romantic fantasy dating simulation ◆
◆ Dating simulation game for women ◆
◆ An interactive dating sim game where you make your own story based on your choices ◆

- Visual novel, text adventure
- Real dating through chatting, messaging, and calling!
- Full voiceovers provided for calls by famous voice actors
- Customization system
- Collect various events and endings
- Romance fantasy, Korean oriental universe
- Immersive story, BGM, and illustrations
- Captivating romance, a complete story

◆ Character Introduction ◆

▷ Baek (CV. Jeon Seung Hwa)
CEO, faceless corporate raider.
"My name is Baek. Your destined partner and soulmate."

▷ Hwal (CV. Ryu Seung Gon)
Youngest ever aide. His every move gets posted on the internet.
"I called because I miss you."

▷ Seo Eunhan (CV. Kim Min Ju)
A mysterious boy who appears unexpectedly. Who is he?
"Hey. How are you?"

▷ Yuye (CV. Hong Hu Baek)
Security Team Director. Taciturn and fiercely loyal.
"My master's wish is my command."

◆ Game Introduction ◆

- A dating sim game for women
- Korean fantasy romance universe
- A visual novel for women, a story that is affected by your decisions
- Various characters that are charming and full of personality
- Full voiceovers provided for calls by famous voice actors
- Real dating through chatting, messaging, and calling!
- Collect various events and endings, dating episodes, dates, and love stories
- Decoration, dress-up, customization system
- Text adventure
- Immersive story, BGM, and illustrations for women
- A Mystery dating romance drama
- An otome game for women, with chatting and romance
- An easy game for women, where you can see the ending for free
- A text based romance otome game in a light novel game style
- A visual novel for women
- A fun and simple decision-based game
- Various captivating, charming, and seductive characters
- A dating story game with a familiar chatting style
- Various episodes suitable for women
- A love story that's just like real dating
- Easy-to-understand chatting story style with immersive graphics
- Handsome men character dating simulation
- Korean fantasy universe
- Captivating dating story game
- Cell phone calling system with a cast full of famous voice actors provided
- Incredible illustration merchandise music story visual novel presentation

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