Goat of War 2018: God Sparta

God Sparta battle against God powers clash in offline epic war
3.8 / 5
  • 2.6
  • Android 8.1+
  • Teen
  • 100000

This -- the most thrilling of all action-adventure RPG story, hack-and-slash games -- with very high-quality graphics provides very exciting, unique and engaging gaming experience. Set in a medieval time with war and magic. Explore the game world with easy to play yet hard to master dynamic combat system.

Here you play as a Sparta God at war that is challenged by all the other Sparta God at war. This game is an offline action-adventure game with RPG elements. Which means you can play it anywhere you want without internet connection. So, it's one of the Best offline stories ARPG games of all time.

- Destroy and crush your enemies with your powerful, legendary God tier Leviathon axe.
- Explore breathtaking locations and dungeon to test your skills.
- Explore the game world that is rich in lore and fight as a Sparta God at war.
- Controls are specially designed for a mobile game, which allow you to play very comfortably.
- Face a variety of fearsome creatures, each are with highest quality action and combat abilities.
- Unleash deadly Sparta God rage skill attacks and finish monsters with grizzly end in war story.
- Upgrade your weapons and armor to God tier at war.
- No internet connection necessary to play the game. Just old school action-adventure story
- A lot of enemies, God tier bosses, environments and skills.

This game is action-adventure story game with RPG elements, not a horror game. It is heavily inspired by a game about God that you likely know. You can also obtain God tier shield in the inventory.
The war between God s for the title of Goat of War begins!
Goat of War Offline God Sparta 2018 allows you play as a God, not typical for many games. You might have played Action-Adventure Offline RPG games about Sparta God on other platforms, but rest assured this game is God tier on quality.
So, get ready for this exciting journey as a Sparta God in Goat of War in this Offline Action-Adventure God game.