Phone Backup and Restore

Don't ever lose your data & information again. Fast data backup and restore app.
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Phone Backup and Restore is free, secure and easy to use data migration application. By this user can transfer, backup and restore phone data e.g. contacts, SMS, call logs, apps APKs and calendars between smartphones.
Important Note
In case of factory resetting or switching to new phone, you need to upload your backup files to cloud storage to use them later for data recovery.
Phone backup and restore can’t backup personal data and settings of apps, it will only backup APKs to protect your privacy and security.
You can only restore data from backup files created by this app, without backup files restoration is not possible. So it is advised to backup all your data using this app.

Key Features
Phone Clone
Contacts Backup and Restore
SMS Backup and Restore
Call log Backup and Restore
Calendar Backup and Restore
Apps (APK) Backup and Restore
Auto Backup and Restore
Backup All data in ONE G

Phone Clone
This app can also be used as phone clone to migrate data between smartphones. Use this app to backup your required data on your old phone and upload backup data files to drive, now sign-in drive in your new phone, download backup files and restore them.

Contacts backups and Restore
You can keep your contacts backup to local storage and cloud at same time and restore from both. If you want to restore from cloud, you have to download backup file and then restore it. Backup app can create phone numbers backup or detailed info including address and email of contacts.

SMS Backups and Restore
Now easily backup all your messages or specific conversations. There will be a progress bar with detailed number of SMS and conversations while creating backup and restoring your SMS and conversations.

Apps Backups and Restore
In Apps backups and restore, you can backup APK files of Apps to local storage and cloud. While restoring apps, it will automatically reinstall all your selected apps. You can also check size of apps, share APKs with your friends, uninstall App, launch App, backup App and check app info.

Calendars Backups and Restore
You can create backup of your events details stored in calendar and can easily restore them in any mobile phone calendar. You can view your events in backup files.

Call Logs backups and Restore
Now you can create backup of your call logs and restore them any time. If you are going to reset your phone or switching to a new one, you can get your call log back easily and keep record of all calls with details.

Auto Backup and Restore
Forget about accidental data loss and schedule auto backups on daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis and secure your important data on local storage and cloud. Just set auto backups and don’t bother to open the app again. Restoration of all your data was never as easy before it. You can update or pause auto backups anytime.

Backup All data in ONE GO
Get rid of creating backups one by one and easily backup apps, SMS/MMS, contacts, call logs and calendar events on single click. You just need to select a backup path and create backups of all categories in ONE GO. Don’t forget to upload your local backups to cloud storage which can be restored anywhere, anytime.