English Stories with Levels

Learn English at IELTS and TOEFL level standards by daily reading story books.
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English Learners Course : Books & Audio to improve Speaking & Listening Skills. English Story in Levels is completely free app. Learn English free!!!

You’ll love to study and practice reading and listening. Improve your English skills with English Story in Levels. Our unique teaching methodology consists of topic-based online course to boost speaking & reading abilities, and bestselling books with audio to drastically increase vocary.

Why learning a new language with English Story in Levels is great?

Free: The free app will help you learn the language of your choice, one fun lesson at a time.

📚 Books and Audiobooks

English Story in Levels’ library offers over a lot of English books.

● You can pick any difficulty, (from Rookie to Advanced) then choose the genre you are most interested in and finally start reading & learning.

Start from Starter & work your way to C2 Unbridge🚀
A1 Starter
A2 Elementary
B1 Pre-Intermediate
B1+ Intermediate
B2 Intermediate+
B2+ Upper-Intermediate
C1 Advanced
C2 Unbridge

● A word you don’t know? It’s is not an issue with English Story in Levels. Just one tap on the word to see its’ translation. And you can add a highlight and add notes.

Trouble with pronunciation? That’s why we have audiobooks that will drastically improve your speaking abilities!

Reading and listening are two cornerstones of learning English.

English Story in Levels will significantly enrich your vocabulary.

Start now and experience the new way of learning English.
Speaking like a native has never been easier.

1) If your phone language is in Arabic Alphabets, please change your device language to a Latin alphabet (English).

2) According to Google Play Policy, We have to get storage permisson to download contents and open it from local device storage. If you dont give that permission you can't see the contents. If you want to read book by using this app, Storage Permission is needed.

3) This app requires internet connection.

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