Monkee: Save Money & Cashback

Top Cash back, finance tracker and money saving for personal capital and budget
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With Monkee you strengthen your household budget, your personal capital and at the same time fulfill your wishes. The Monkee finance tracker supports you with a savings plan and top cashback program with your expenses, as well as with achieving small goals and fulfilling big dreams. Whether you want to save money for your travel budget or to cover ongoing fixed costs. Saving is fun with the Monkee savings planner!

✓ Your personal financial coach
The Monkee savings plan helps you on your way to achieving your savings goals, budgeting, and improving personal capital. Small reminders and feedback on your progress help you to continuously build your wealth and stay motivated on your journey. The finance tracker of the Monkee app helps you with money saving and managing money for your household budget and make saving money a habit again.

✓ Two clicks away
With just two clicks you can use the Monkee finance tracker quickly and easily to save any amount. Your savings are held securely in your personal savings account with our banking partner.

✓ Save money with top Cashback
Fulfill your goals with one of our top cashback partners and receive up to 10% of the purchase price as cashback for your travel budget, improving personal capital, or ongoing fixed costs - better than just interest!

✓ Together faster to the goal
Share your savings plan and your goals with your family and friends or save together in a travel fund for your next vacation or a gift. With the Monkee finance tracker, financial planning, money saving, managing expenses and improving personal capital is as easy as sending a message.

Join the Monkee community save money and find out how easy and motivating savings can be with the Monkee savings plan and financial planner. Benefit from the expense planner, cashback program, improve household budgeting, money saving and build up your wealth. Savings are great, but money saving for a specific goal - e.g. for the travel fund or the ongoing fixed costs is much more fun!