Editorial Policies

GamingonPhone has strong editorial policies and work ethics when it is about publishing quality content. Each piece goes through a few levels of stringent quality check that includes cross verifying the primary source of the information available online, checking out other similar reputable sources with high authority, and also reaching out to developers when it is about the information related to any games.

News reporting policy and ethics

Gamingonphone.com strives to provide the purest form of content with 100% accurate headlines. And for that, the content goes through various levels of quality check. Before reporting a piece,

  • We always look for new information
  • We always look for official information
  • We provide information that is backed by authentic sources
  • We follow the basic journalism practices when we are the original source
  • We provide credits to the source when we are not the original source
  • We clearly mention leaks or rumours when reporting about the same
  • We avoid conflicts of interest
  • We do not post clickbait
  • We do not throw out vague statements just to sound bold
  • We respond quickly to questions about accuracy, clarity and authenticity
  • We respect the anonymity when requested for unnamed sources

Corrections policy

Gamingonphone.com always aims at the accuracy of information at all times and transparency when correcting information (if needed). If we correct any information, we make sure to mention that with the new information as we aim to be accountable, accurate, and an authority.

Sometimes we update the existing information to provide more and new information on the topic to provide a bigger picture for our readers.

Reviews policy

Reviewed games at Gamingonphone.com presents the opinion of the game reviewer but the whole editorial team is accountable for the information provided at the website. When we review games we make sure,

  • Game reviews are genuine, honest, and the best of our capacity
  • Under no circumstances the review scores are manipulated
  • GamingonPhone might re-review (will be mentioned in the piece) a game when a drastic change has been made
  • Games are rated based on a few parameters like gameplay quality, monetisation, graphics & music etc
  • Games rated 9.1 and above are extremely good and everyone should atleast try them out
  • Games rated between 7.6 to 9 are good games
  • Games rated between 5.1 to 7.5 are average games
  • Games rated between 2.6 to 5 are below-average games
  • Games rated anything less than 2.5 are awful

Sponsored content policy

Sometimes we work with game developers, companies etc to publish commissioned articles at Gamingonphone.com when we feel that the subject of the content goes well with the readers’ interest. But in those cases, the pieces are highlighted as sponsored content. GamingonPhone owns the right to the content and can take it down anytime if they feel that the content violates any of our editorial standards.

For any queries related to our editorial policies, please feel free to write to the Editor-in-Chief – editor@gamingonphone.com

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