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MONOPOLY GO! is a free-to-play strategy board game that is set in the expanding universe of MONOPOLY game. From the house of Scopely and Hasbro Inc., it asks players to roll the dice and travel around the MONOPOLY board. Fan-favorite characters like Scottie and Mr. MONOPOLY help guide players through world-famous cities and fantastical locales. Players need to build hotels and homes, collect properties, play chance cards, create a real estate empire full of famous monuments, and even go to jail. Ever since its launch, the game has been constantly topping the download charts. The need to contact Customer Support or player support has been constantly rising in MONOPOLY GO.

Additionally, if you just starting with MONOPOLY GO!, we have also covered a comprehensive beginner’s guide for some basic tips, a guide on how to add your friends to the game, and a guide on how to get and trade Stickers. Check our redeem codes and free dice rolls articles to grab some freebies along the way!

Though the game successfully delivered all the key elements that one expects from this genre, there are still a lot of issues that need to be addressed by the developers. Some fans face hindrances in the form of in-game bugsaccount-related issues, and queries relating to in-app purchases. We want all users to have a smooth and hassle-free gaming experience without being bothered by in-game bugs. Here’s our step-by-step guide to contacting the customer support team of the MONOPOLY GO game.

How to Contact MONOPOLY GO customer support

The support team has already answered many frequently asked questions on the game’s official website. But if anyone can’t satisfy himself, the MONOPOLY GO customer service is available to contact anytime to answer the queries from the players.

There are three ways to contact the customer support team of MONOPOLY GO. Players can contact them from in-game menu options, they can contact the team via the official help website, or they can reach out to the Developers at Scopely directly via social media handles.

How to Contact via in-game Customer Service Option

Players must launch the game on their devices. Once the in-game home screen has loaded, they must adhere to the steps below:

  • Tap on the three-line bar located at the top-right corner of the home screen.
  • A drop-down list of menus would appear to the right of your screen next. Choose the Settings option located right at the bottom of the list.
  • The in-game Settings menu would pop up on your screen next. Before navigating to any other section, take note of your User ID from this menu. You might require this while contacting the customer support team. You will come across a dedicated Support/Legal section on the Settings menu. Under that, you will find a Customer Service button. Tap on that.
Image via Scopely
  • This will redirect you to the Support page of MONOPOLY GO. You will discover that the developers have categorically addressed some of the Frequently Asked Queries/Issues on this page. To view the answers to those queries, first, identify the category under which your issue falls. Next, scroll down to that category to view the questions under that category. If you find your issue/query listed under that category, tap on that question to read the answer/fix. You may additionally filter queries by inputting keywords from your issue in the search bar.

Taking assistance from the Chat Support System

If your issue still persists or is something that has not been addressed under the FAQ section, you may seek assistance via the Chat Support System. Adhere to the steps below to do so:

  • While still on the Customer support page, scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page and tap on the Chat with Us button.
  • You will be redirected to a private chat room where the chatbot will greet you and ask about your query. Greet back in one line.
  • Next, you will be asked to provide your email address and the platform on which you play the game. From the later query, you get to pick one from Android/iOS.
  • The chatbot would now revert with a list of issue categories and ask you to pick one. Choose the one that best describes your issue. For bug reports, choose Report Technical Issues or Bugs from the list.
  • You would be then advised by the chatbot to glance through the FAQ section once by providing the link for the same.
  • Following up on this text, another auto-generated text would ask you if the article was helpful. To create a report, choose No from the options. Up next, you will be asked to provide the following information:
    • A detailed description of your issue.
    • Did the issue happen after performing some specific action? If yes, specify that action.
    • Does it happen once or frequently?
MONOPOLY GO Chat Support
Image via Scopely
  • Tap on the blank text area to input your message and tap on the Sent button once all the necessary details have been furnished.

This would successfully create a Report. Based on your report, an agent from the Support team of Scopely Support will get back to you in the same private chat window. He may even do additional follow-ups in the email address provided by you. Make sure that you stay active and check out these sections frequently so that you do not miss out on the replies from the other side.

How to contact via the official website of MONOPOLY GO

Players can directly go to the official Support website of Scopely and access the customer service option from there. It could be another alternative in the case where players are facing login problems and cannot access the in-game support option.

  • Players must visit the official support website of Scopely here.
  • Once you are redirected to the support page, you need to choose MONOPOLY GO from the list of games coming under the Developer house. Since it is their latest title, you will find it right up front.
  • Once you tap on that, it will take you to the Customer Support page of MONOPOLY GO where you can access the FAQ and Chat Support. The steps that follow have already been discussed in the previous section.

How to Contact the Developer Team Directly

Another approach could be to reach out to the Developers via their Social Media handles. You may approach the team at @scopely which is the official Twitter handle of Scopely. You can additionally reach out to the team at the official Instagram handle of Scopely. Players should additionally do a follow-up on their Discord server, where tons of passionate fans are there to help users resolve their queries.

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Still, facing any issues in contacting the MONOPOLY GO customer support team? Head straight to our comments section and get your queries resolved. Happy Gaming!

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I can’t get to shutdown in my game its frozen


I can’t do anything. My games been frozen for 3 days now. I’m on the chest clicking on people. And it won’t let me do anything else


Mines frozen too, being stuck on shutdown, not being able to click on anything. My land keeps getting attacked & I can’t even do anything about it at all 🙁

nicole rodriguez

My game is stuck on community chess going on for 3 days as well. I am missing out on eveyrthing, tournaments, daily wins, stickers,free gifts, etc.
I cant even get my user id to speak with support. HELP ME. I spend money and time on this game daily to be falling behind like this because of a bug you guys have.

Keron Kissoon

 I’m reaching out to you about restoring my game progress on your mobile game Monopoly Go! I was playing as a guest because I don’t have Facebook nor do I own an apple device and because of your bug in the game I was unaware that uninstalling the app would cause me to lose my progress. It is very unfortunate that I had to lose all of my progress because of a little bug that’s not even my fault nor was I unaware of it or the problem..I usually play the game as a hobby or during my leisure time… Read more »


Same thing happened to me and I ended up deleting the game because nobody reached out. My old account still exist and is being shutdown by other players.


Same happened to me. Any help with this?


Did anyone help with this? Same happened to me.


I’ve been playing this game since mid May and on 5th July, it started repeatedly crashing. Scopely acknowledged this issue on their Facebook & app info pages. Later that day, I tried to open the app again only to find my profile had been totally wiped & I have absolutely zero access to my game at all. I’ve contacted them multiple times a day, every day to ask them to restore it. On some of the threads, they started to answer but then stopped answering once I told them what the problem was, but most messages aren’t being acknowledged at all. I’ve spent ALOT of… Read more »


My process restarted an I paid cash for dice over 100.00

Valerie Kenny

I’ve been stuck in a bank heist worth millions since last Thursday 6th July. I’ve done everything possible with my tablet but every time I load the game again the same problematic bank heist pops up before I can do anything. Makes me play the heist again then freezes again. Always the same opponent. I lost everything with others able to attack me and nothing I can do. Their site says this heist problem is resolved but obviously not. Please can anyone help as I’m sick of the robotic support asking for the same information and screenshots, then they thank… Read more »


Did this ever get fixed for you?? Same thing just happened to me this morning 🙁

Jesus Po

Where to go to get problem solved and not Skokie blown where the sun don’t shine


I made a purchase that I didn’t receive. I waited the 4 days as support said but nothing was solved. I went back and it did the same steps with not resolution in sight

Sam Juliano

How come ever time I buy a deal for “$1.99” I get charged $12.99?!?!?!????!!!!


been waiting for monopoly go scopely for over 3 weeks to get back go me. absolutely ridiculous service to their users.

Alexis Waterfield

we need to be able to send gold cards to other players, people are struggling to finish their sets because they’re short of a gold card, as someone with duplicates of gold cards i just want to send them to other people and help them out on finishing their sets


I won second place in a tournament and didn’t receive my prize.


I’m so tired of getting the same cards over and over and over again til it’s crazy and even when you exchange them still the same tickets y’all should look into letting people buy dice with the Monopoly money they win

Julia Plummer

My game won’t load at all? And I am only 10 away from 1000 free dice and don’t want to trying to run out. What can I do please?


I’m frozen in a bank heist and can’t do anything. I’m getting attacked and can’t do anything about it :/ I force closed the app, uninstalled, reinstalled.. takes me back to the same heist I get frozen in each time. I can click every card on the board and it just stays there.

Artrice feamster 43024765

Good afternoon. I was number 1 in the last tournament. The tournament ended with me being number 1 and I did not receive my earning. (Dice, money or cards)

Janet Bleck

The monopoly go game keep crashing and tries to restart please fix


event wildtales album is going to end in 4 days and i still got duplicates card!! come on mr monopoly i win all the event to get a pink sachet and it still duplicates!!! do something


I still have not received my purchases i made on the 25 august 23. I have contacted customer service and followed the prompts to where they told me to update then check my timeline for the purchase but there was nothing. So i reported it again and they said they will get back to me, but i have not heard back from them since.

Emily c

I was charged over $150 and I cannot get in contact with anyone. Apple refuses to refund and my bank is being complicated. I want my money back from something I didn’t purchase.


Did you ever hear from anyone? They attempted to Charge me 34.50 and 37.60 for a 2.99 in game purchase luckily my card was locked however the charge is still pending and has been since about the 2nd week of August locking my entire Apple ID from any downloads and I can’t access any of my banking apps! I’ve reached out several times, sent pictures from my bank and Apple and they still haven’t gotten back to me and it’s been over a month. I believe Apple Has been seeing this a lot lately which may explain why they were… Read more »


I’m frozen in a bank heist and can’t do anything. I’m getting attacked and can’t do anything about it I force closed the app, uninstalled, reinstalled.. takes me back to the same heist I get frozen in each time. I can click every card on the board and it just stays there.


Did it get fixed? I updated my app & ever since then I haven’t been able to play it’s just stuck on the screen.

VANESSA Armstrong

I’m interested new sticker album I have 21 stickers and 34 stars but it is showing that I have only 1 star. Which is not true. And the game keeps freezing after every roll of the dice. Please give me all my stars.


I was on my phone literally 10 min ago I had 3000 dice got back on have 350 ! This is rediculous and a scandal I paid lots of money on this app and that’s not acceptable .

Angry Angela

I began playing this game earlier this year and made quite a few purchases like an idiot. Nevertheless in June there were 4 charges posted to my account that still says pending and has basically frozen my apple account. I’m not able to update apps, download apps or anything due to these frivolous charges. I’ve made dozens of tickets through customer support and still nothing. I deleted the app in hopes of restarting but was never able to reinstall because of this nonsense. We all know that apple does not do credit so I don’t know where these charges appeared… Read more »


My account has been shutting down showing an error since yesterday. Anyone know what’s going on or how to fix it. Customer service is absolutely no help


I’m having a problem all day not able to connect on Monopoly Go! There’s no problem connecting to any other games.

Shandrikka Jones

I made a purchase last night and didn’t receive what I purchased. I went to the settings to try to file a claim but wasn’t able to file a new claim. I spend a lot of money which I don’t mind if I receive what I purchase. It takes too long to reach some in customer support to get my money back. Can someone please assist me?


At about 7pm I changed the monopoly go game to a new mobile. when trying to login it takes a long time and there is an error notice. after repeatedly and being able to login suddenly my account became 0!!!


I had the same issue happen to me 2weeks ago and still no help from the monopoly go customer service team. My account reset it’s self when I was logging into play and I lost everything. I can see my old account in my friends list but when I log into the game. I’m taking back to the beginning and I’m starting the game from the very beginning.

Aaron Taylor

This is becoming more than it should to actually get help with accounts. My FB got connected to an alt account and since it will not let me disconnect fb from the game that was linked to a email account, since this has happened the accounts merged and I can’t get in the account that was originally linked to a fb account


It won’t let me load my account and wants me to start fresh. I’ve already tried un installing and reinstalling and powering off phone and turning it back on

Louise young

My sticker so proud was took from Steven and he never sent me Merry kissmas I just want my card back please

Jada Jones

I did not receive my birthday gift

Mary Ann

I have been trying for 3 days to have my progress restored, 1 chat was deleted, a second told me to open a new one, did that, and I have another one on my Mom’s account hoping they would answer that but no. I have lost 3 days of gaming and rewards. I find this unacceptable. Conversation 19377077 and Conversation 19361723. I really don’t want to have to star all over. I was almost at level 12000.Please help 🙂


So I’ve experience the same issue I’ve connected with monopoly and they are rude and dismissive. It took 3 days for someone to connect with me and was told to open another ticket. Poor customer service


incant get in contact with you I sent a sticker to my mom a 4 star and she never got it . They swiped tot tycoon from me after I got it In a blue sticker pack.. wow and I spend money on this game


I lost my account last tuesday or wednesday after update to new version.. I try to contact you guys via customer service but no agent reply my text .. its been 5days already 😤 everday i text your agent no one reply me .. Poor service customer!!!!!

Debbie Smith

My game has totally frozen I’m unable to click on anything

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