Papergames announces the international brand launch of Infold Games

Infold Games gets an international launch!

Papergames, the famous company behind the immensely successful “Nikki” and “Love” series, and the company behind Infold Games has announced the international brand launch of Infold Games. Infold Games, is famous for releasing Love and Deepspace, a unique, ultra-realistic 3D interactive romance game that has topped the charts in regions worldwide while surpassing 10 million downloads in progress.

Infold Games’ international brand launch will help bring unprecedented gaming experiences for global players

The international brand launch of Infold Games will help the developers operate as an overseas brand under the banner of Papergames. This would allow them to secure collaborations in diversified and innovative entertainment products. These collaborations are sure to open new pathways towards creativity and innovation leading to ultimately better titles being released.

Infold Games international launch, Infold Games
Image via Infold Games

Infold Games is keen on developing more high-end titles in the future under the tagline of “Empowering the world with creativity”. The developers have stated that they will be looking forward to active collaboration with global players and talent to promote the development of the entertainment industry.

Papergames alongside being involved in games is also actively involved in cultural and entertainment ventures. They have released a trailer for Nikki and the god of dreams and a couple of IP-derived comics and music. Tim Cook the CEO of Apple did visit China previously and commended Papergames for the smooth gameplay of the Nikki series and Love series.

Infold Games did conduct offline playtests for Nikki and Infinity Nikki in North America and Japan 

Infold Games did conduct offline playtests offline playtests for Nikki and Infinity Nikki in North America and Japan in May 2024. Many participants in the test expressed their love for the game and how much they liked the gameplay. Infold Games is based in Singapore and has established branches in various cities such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei. Now with the international launch, the company will try and expand its global network under the tagline of “Empowering the world with creativity”.

Shining Nikki second anniversary
Image via Papergames

The developers, Infold Games already have a roadmap set for the future releases of games, especially from some of their famous IPs, and now with the international launch the reach of these games will definitely increase with the company expanding its network in the industry.

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