Eggy Party free gift codes and how to redeem them (May 2024)

Earn exclusive rewards with free promo codes!

Exceptional Global’s Eggy Party is an exciting mobile party game that closely resembles the popular title Fall Guys. Eggy Party offers a vibrant multiplayer experience filled with chaotic mini-games and competitive challenges. You can enjoy the fun and challenge of navigating through unpredictable obstacles and outplaying others. And to do this, to help you do this, the developers often share gift codes to redeem that will help you get free surprise boxes. In this article, we will provide comprehensive details on the free gift codes for Eggy Party and guide you on how to redeem them, enhancing your gaming experience.

To enjoy Eggy Party to the fullest, you must know the basics of the game including Talents, Skills, and how to contact the Eggy Party support team. Make sure to read our guides if you are curious to know about them.

Eggy Party free redeem codes and rewards

There are a few active codes available right now. As the earliest codes per release of the game have expired. However, keep in touch with this page as we update it whenever a code comes up.

Free Redeem CodesRewards you can Redeem
UH86AWGL0OVBIn-game Rewards and Resources

How to redeem the gift codes in Eggy Party

Redeeming promo codes in Eggy Party is a simple five-step procedure. For those who are trying to redeem for the first time. To redeem the free codes in Eggy Party, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the main menu screen.
  • At the main menu, you will be able to see an event tab on the topmost part of the screen.
Egg Party free redeem codes
Image via NetEase
  • After going into the events tab, you will then be able to see options on the left side of the screen and then you can find the redeem gift code option there.
  • Enter the promo codes exactly as found in the Tap here to enter your Promo Code section of the window.
  • Hit the Exchange button to receive your in-game rewards.

How to get free redeem gift codes for Eggy Party

In search of the latest Eggy Party codes? Stay vigilant on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Regularly monitoring these platforms is crucial due to the frequent release of new codes. Twitter is particularly popular among gaming companies for sharing their codes, while YouTubers often provide valuable resources by featuring codes in their gameplay videos. 

Eggy Party Philippines launched
Image via NetEase

Once you have obtained the Promo Codes that need to be redeemed, listed below is a detailed guide outlining the step-by-step process of redeeming these codes within the game.

How often the Eggy Party codes are released

Once in a while, the dev team releases the codes. The X account (formerly Twitter) very frequently does that, sometimes every week. Other than that, in the official discord and on Facebook page you’ll find these codes once in a while.

Expired codes

  • 9MW2G51EETP2
  • FP4Q67KNE9PR
  • djrvbt2xv8hm 

That’s all for our Gift Code Redemption guide on Eggy Party Redeem Codes. Be sure to bookmark this page as we’ll continue to update it with the latest uploads in the codes and rewards. If you find any more working codes, feel free to comment on them down below so that we can update the article as well.

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